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  A Modular Solution LLC is a Long Island based company dedicated to filling the desires of customers that want to explore an array of building options. Modular home and panelized process can be the solution to a complete land packages to tearing down an old home to building a cost effective addition. Considering energy and construction costs replacing a home with an efficient modular or panelized home can be the right decision. A new home should be considered when there are major changes in a floor plan and extensive renovations are required to accommodate your dream home. The customer will have the opportunity to choose from building solutions for additions and dormers utilizing modular to panelized solutions. Affordable  home packages can be achieved with our trusted, licensed and experienced general contractors.

  This website consists of information on contrasting building methods. A Modular Solution will provide you with the information to make insightful and enlightened decisions. We can help guide you through the designing of your home and or addition.

  AMS LLC website gives you simple understood concepts that will provide you with a starting point in making the most cost effective decisions about your home. The more information you have the more empowered you will be to make the right decisions for you and your family. The right choice makes your hard earned money go further and provides you with satisfaction. Your home can be your largest investment and doing the job right the first time can be essential to your building success.

  Highly affordable DX Geothermal HVAC systems available

  If you have any questions or need a free phone consultion you can contact us using the request pricing page to the left.  Simply fill out essential questions about your building project and we can estimate the cost. Call us at 516 330 7686  for immediate service today.

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