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The owner is a retired NYPD Sergeant from the Forensic Unit. Prior to that he different roles on the job such as a Detective and Police officer . He is currently active in the reserve in the US Coast Guard with secret clearance and performing tasks important to Homeland Security in New York. As Sergeant in the Forensic Unit he became interested in technology and wanted to stay on the cutting edge of building systems. Through that interest it spurred his interest in building his own modular home and his own experience. He currently resides on Long Island with his wife and 3 children.

A Modular Solution LLC homes provide customers looking for modular homes with information and services to empower the purchaser to make decisions.
This website amodularsolution.com answers questions concerning customization, affordable alternatives, modular advantages, and budget concerns. In addition we can consider; design styles, size, construction methods and affordable alternatives (do it yourself approaches).

A Modular Solution builds in and around the surrounding areas located on Route 570, near PA's scenic Lake Wallenpaupack in the charming Pocono Mountains of Northeastern Pennsylvania. Modular Solution is allying itself with proven professional builders from northeast Pennsylvania to Long Island, New York regions with affiliations with modular manufacturers in the southeast regions of the U. S.
Our construction experience spans 20 years from Long Island New York to several Pocono lake areas communities. The partnersip includes a successful modular builder, general contractor, and a retired sergeant from NYPD Forensic Unit who has experience in standard operation procedures and quality assurance. A Modular Solution service contractors and do it yourself customers with varied ways to go modular.

Mission Statement

The objective of A Modular Solutions LLC is to offer customers a broad choice of homes that will satisfy their requirments.The company will maintain a professional relationship with the customer based on reliability, integrity and fulfillment of the customer's requirements. A Modular Solution LLC works to evaluate and anticipate customers' needs throughout the building process.


General contracting throughout all construction

Information on pricing, designs and customization

Affordable DX Geothermal HVAC installations

Estimates on site work

A consultation on contrasting building methods

What you need to know to be your own G.C.

Insight on drop shipping (Do it yourself approaches)

Estimates & insights on foundations and basements

Providing access to modular manufacturers' designs

Provide timely and professional estimates

Economical alternatives and practical insights explained

Budgetary concerns addressed and resolutions suggested

Clarifications on need versus wants

Glossary of Terms

Manufacturer Plans

Home Styles

Dormers and Extentions

Panelized Homes and Additions

List of Cost Factors
The Modular
Construction Process

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