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Geothermal - Vertical Loop


Federal tax credit available of 30% for the entire system!!!!!!

The DX Geothermal Heating unit is an
innovative design with many cost effective advantages. And has time tested and proven ground source technologies used for over 26 years. DX Geothermal technology stands for "Direct Exchange" Geothermal. A DX geothermal heating unit does exactly what sounds like; it exchanges heat from the ground directly into the refrigerant of the heating & cooling system. The main objective of every heat pump system and a DX geothermal heat pump does this more efficiently than any other heat pump in the industry. The transitional step of transferring the earth's heat into water (before transferring it to the refrigerant) is eliminated. That's where the name "DX Geothermal" comes from. The DX Geothermal system is the most up-to-date in geothermal heating technology. DX eliminates many step and components used in a water source geothermal system. The simplicity of the system is what provides the homeowner with the maximum return on his or her investment. The Advanced Geothermal system does NOT use any water or antifreeze what so ever. Unlike a traditional closed loop water source geothermal which uses WATER & ANTIFREEZE, REFRIGERANT (Freon), and a PLASTIC GROUND LOOP; the DX geothermal system uses just REFRIGERANT and a COPPER GROUND LOOP. It utilizes the heat transfer capabilities of copper tubing to provide warm heating and cool air conditioning with energy savings over a conventional system of 40%-70%. The ground loop fluid is R-407C Refrigerant, and is a safe, non-toxic, non-flammable fluid. The EPA has approved the refrigerant and copper ground loop to be safe and non harmful to the environment.
The DX Geothermal Heating - Vertical Loop system can heat and cool a 2100 square foot home for as little as $46 a month! Save a substantial amount of money and go green at the same time. You can! Your one-time investment can save you money and reduce your carbon footprint and help end the dependency on foreign oil supplies for several years to come.

Homeowners for 26 years have chosen this innovative system. The system exchanges heat from the ground directly into the refrigerant of the heating and cooling system, allowing for more efficiency. This is the opportunity to change the world for the better for you and your children. The simplicity of the system provides you, the homeowner, with the highest return on your investment.
So what precisely makes this system different than other types of geothermal systems? This system is considered the most advanced because it does not utilize any water, but instead just refrigerant and a copper ground loop. The copper loop is a superior heat conductor as opposed to the traditional plastic as well as more reliable. The copper loop comes complete with a lifetime warranty.
The system only requires a mere 3 foot circle and small trench, so there is no need to tear up your entire yard. Since the installation is so easy, we have trusted sub-contractors that minimize the necessary mess of other systems installations.

Watch video for information on Geothermal for insulation:



Vertical DX ground loop
(minimal ground disturbance in the installation process)


Indoor comfortable Climate Control

No one needs to tell you the price of conventional fuels are shooting through the roof, making it nearly impossible to keep up with your heating and cooling bills. However, there is a permanent escape from these expensive fuels, and it's right in your own backyard.

Geothermal energy is a free, renewable resource that can be used to replace your dependency on oil, natural gas or propane for heating while providing a more comfortable indoor climate experience. Advanced Geothermal Technology is proud to offer your key to tapping into geothermal energy: The Great Aire Comfort System™.

This page provides the information necessary for you to understand how The Great Aire Comfort System™ works and how it can work to provide you with the most comfortable indoor environment while saving you money. See how this technology can be applied for your circumstance.

Benefits of DX Geothermal Heating - Vertical Loop System Are:

  • Year-round heating and cooling at minimal cost
  • 40-60% savings on operating cost
  • Heat and cool a 2100 square foot home for as little as $42 / month
  • FREE hot water
  • Efficiency: 3.9-4.5 COP / SEER 16-22
  • Less maintenance than a conventional geothermal without the bother of horizontal loops
  • No water circulating pumps necessary saving on electric and future maintenance
  • No electronic defrost cycles necessary
  • Minimal excavation needed to install a ground loop ( only a 3' circle needed )
  • Deep ground loop achieves more heat absorption than shallow loop
  • Copper ground coil conducts heat better than conventional plastic
  • Warmer air temperature than a conventional geothermal system
  • Long system life for maximum savings
  • Lifetime warranty on ground loop
  • No need for priced fossil fuels No water / glycol / antifreeze that could contaminate ground water
  • Located in the woods… or difficult terrain……no problem
  • No unsightly exterior equipment

Call Bob now for a free estimate at (516) 330-7686

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