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  Simplex uses systems building technology specializing in the manufacturing of custom pre-fabricated components. Simplex Modular Homes offers a wide variety of styles including ranches, raised ranches, capes, two-story homes, apartment buildings, townhouses, vacation homes banks, offices, daycare centers, hotels, dormitories, assisted living and a wide variety of manufactured housing products. Simplex designed homes provide off the shelf designs that range from the contemporary to the traditional two story. Simplex is very design friendly with customized designs from off the shelf to customizing customer's floor plan. The Simplex series of homes combine the high quality found in more expensive modular buildings with design features that are important in generating efficient economical sense. Cost conscious consumers looking for larger homes might be very satisfied with the Simplex choice of homes. Check out the website at http://www.simplexhomes.com/ to choose from the many variations of styles and home layouts.

At Integrity Building Systems we provide a full range of custom designs to assist our customers, builders, developers and retailers in achieving their goals. They have come to rely on us for our services that vary in scope from simply modifying one of our many standard plans to creating their own dream home. Finding your dream home can be a challenge. Integrity’s goal is to assist you with the home plan of your choice and to create the home that you require.  So if you are ready for the ultimate in quality, service and value, then you are ready for Integrity Building Systems, Inc!
Integrity home  plans can be accessed at www.integritybuild.com
Every Home Should be Built with INTEGRITY

Superior can provide for a more affordable range of homes. Superior can accommodate most anyone's budget constraints. By incorporating energy efficient windows, heating options and affordable upgrades a Superior home becomes a highly economical solution. Utilizing off the shelf designs and limiting your necessary options can make this economic strategy happen. Creating your living space can be within your imagination and control. Superior modular homes can be more towards your liking when approaching building in a more cost effective practical manner. Please visit these affordable alternative modular designs that Superior provides. Click Here to view the many floor plans ranging from the contemporary chalet to the traditional.

Design Home LLC provide a wide range of manufacturering  innovations that furnish flexibility in design prospective. Advanced designs in techniques using CAD (computer aided design) assists architects and professional engineers in specific product innovations. Design homes advanced expertise allows design professionals freedom to approach building in a unique fashion.  The utilize different techniques to design in innovative ways. Incorporating state of art technological advancements make up grades efficient and essential for discriminating clientele. Designers can create the pleasurable luxurious custom living space their customer had imagined. Designing homes can provide modular structures that go from single-family wood frame to the multi-family and commercial construction. Please visit Design Home's website. Click Here to view the many available modular design plans.

One of the most recent newcomers to the modular world is Pleasant Valley Modular. Pleasant Valley standard cabinets and finished work would be upgrades with other modular manufacturers. Pleasant Valley are certified cabinet makers that show in their  kitchens and baths. Their price point is somewhat higher than other manufacturers. If you wind up with numerous upgrading from less expensive homes, Pleasant Valley should be considered when looking at high end upgrades. Their website is located at http://www.pvmhi.com/ . Pleasant Valley Modular brings quality and workmanship to the next level. Keep in mind they still compete favorably to stick built homes, especially when you factor in the quality factor.

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