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   When modular homes are eliminated as a solution due to site problems and design limitations. Panelized homes can be the solution to building your dream home. Panelized structures are an alternative way to build dormers and add to your home. This is a quicker, smarter and faster way to build.
Factory built panels and modular homes are giving conventional site-built homes a run for their money. In more ways than one systems built homes are not only smarter better and faster, but cost effective too. A study published by the Wood Truss Council of America showed savings of over $3,000 when a 2,600-square-foot home was built utilizing trusses and wall panels versus conventional framing methods. Modular homes and other system based building techniques such as panelized have signifnantly advantages in cost, time saving and quality.
    Building home modularly or using panels in the controlled setting of a factory often results in higher quality, energy efficient construction with more resources resulting in a better built structure. In many cases, the product is more energy efficient and termite resistant than stick-built homes, too. Stick structures are labor intensive and leave more room for errors and miscalculations. The shell goes up quickly and leaves the structure with much less susceptible to weather and climate conditions. This allows for the other contractors to work in a useable environment and keep the project on a desirable timetable.
    As the white-hot housing market cools, builders can maintain a competitive edge by improving construction quality while controlling costs. This is essential in giving builders the tools utilizing system built structures with the benefits that are passed down to the customer. Providing customers with affordable alternative ways of building is driving system based structures. Building with panelization overcomes the obstacles that are encountered with conventional means of building. This makes it simpler and easier to erect the building process almost fool proof.

The Benefits of Customizing with Panelization

Choose from 100's of designs or use your own
Skilled technicians assemble complex components with pride and care reducing mistakes in the field
Wall panels, floor systems and roof trusses are constructed in our state-of-the-art facility.
Materials and manufacturing are enclosed year round protected by the elements of nature.
Materials are supplied in a timely efficient manner with reduced threat of job-site theft or damage
Energy Star compliant resulting in 30% less energy use, as specified by NYSERDA
Significant savings in man-hours over site-built structures, as noted by the Building Systems Council of the NAHB
Financing available to qualified buyers through an associated lenders that embrace system built homes
Panelization gives flexibility to building in locations where other system housing cannot be built
Providing the leading brand names of windows, doors, siding cabinets and roofing onsite

Why you should start building with panels today:

    There was a time when building a new home stick by stick on a building lot was the standard and accepted course of construction. Times have changed in the residential building market drastically. More builders and buyers are recognizing that the old methods are not the most effective way of building. Increasingly, homes are being erected using a panelized building system as the system of choice. The panelized construction technique utilizes advanced technology, quality materials and a controlled work environment. This method of building wall panels lends itself to constructing an energy-efficient and durable home in less time.

    Panelized home building system retains the best aspects of stick frame construction. It combines time-tested building methods with modern technology to deliver a well-designed, energy efficient and beautiful new home. This process has many benefits with no down side effects. With no design limitations this might be the method of choice to build.
    Harvest Homes unique building system includes, panelizing of floor decks, wall panels with windows and exterior doors installed, and an engineered roof system. Our crane truck delivery and qualified crane operator will set the panels significantly reducing the labor necessary to construct your home. This building technique will enclose your home faster and protect it from the elements in just a few days. More important, this saves on your construction costs. That means a faster completion date and a quicker move into your new home

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